Sasol Inzalo Public Limited (RF) starts trading on the JSE

 01 December 2015

Sasol Inzalo Public Limited (RF) starts trading on the JSE
Johannesburg, South Africa – Sasol Inzalo Public Limited (RF) has started trading its ordinary shares on the BEE Segment of the Main Board of the JSE. This follows the scheme’s listing this morning on the stock exchange. 
Sasol Inzalo Public Limited (RF) was established by Sasol Limited in 2008 to allow previously disadvantaged South Africans an opportunity to acquire an interest in the company and to share in Sasol´s success. This includes black South Africans, B-BBEE-owned companies, and B-BBEE controlled companies as defined in the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Act, No. 53 of 2003 (BEE Act). Sasol Inzalo Public indirectly owns 2,4% of Sasol´s total issued share capital. 
A total of 16 085 199 Sasol Inzalo Public ordinary Shares were issued by Sasol Inzalo to 214 404 successful applicants. As of October this year, a total of 16 085 199 Sasol Inzalo Public ordinary held by 206 496 holders remain in issue.
“The listing of Sasol Inzalo Public Limited is a momentous milestone for our shareholders,” said Ms Khungeka Njobe, Chairman and Independent Non-Executive Director of Sasol Inzalo Public Limited (RF). 
“The listing provides existing and prospective shareholders with access to a licensed trading platform and the flexibility of transacting on a world-class stock exchange.. This is while ensuring that Sasol Inzalo Public ordinary shares are traded exclusively amongst BEE compliant persons, as defined in the JSE Listings Requirements.” 
Sasol Inzalo Public’s listing on the JSE follows a new requirement by the Financial Services Board (FSB) that all trading of shares must be conducted on an exchange that is licensed under the Financial Markets Act 2012 (Act No 19 of 2012)(FMA). 
Njobe said the listing of Sasol Inzalo is testament of the broad-based black economic empowerment scheme’s commitment to its shareholders and to complying with all regulatory requirements. 

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