Corporate Governance

Sasol Inzalo’s Board is committed to managing the Company based on an ethical foundation, aligned to the objectives of the Company, taking into account its short- and long-term impact on the economy, society and its stakeholders as far as it relates to the Company’s objectives. 
The Board has adopted Sasol’s approach pertaining to the management of ethics as approved by Sasol Limited’s Nomination, Governance, Social and Ethics Committee based on responsibility, honesty, fairness and respect. 
Sasol South Africa (Pty) Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary within the Sasol group, is the administration agent of Sasol Inzalo and provides most of Sasol Inzalo’s governance systems, processes, structures and services, including financial-, internal audit-, risk management-, information technology support-, legal compliance-, and stakeholder management services.  
Should Sasol Inzalo be listed under the asset backed securities sector of the JSE, JSE Listings Requirement 19.20(i) exempts Sasol Inzalo from a number of obligations, including 3.84(a) and (c) - (j).  Paragraph 3.84 of the JSE Listing Requirements stipulates that issuers must comply with certain specific requirements concerning corporate governance.  More detail on the application of specific corporate governance requirements as outlined in the King Code of Governance Principles for South Africa (King Code) is available in our section regarding the application of King III.